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Do you want to find the right manufacturer in China and don’t have the time or local representation to do it in-house?




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How are we different?

We are an Australian company with strong international contacts. With offices in China and Australia, our English speaking teams make the communication process seamless.

Our China offices are fully owned by us and only work exclusively for our clients, this means you are always first priority.

You will receive a dedicated project manager who’s friendly and personalised service ensures your importing and exporting experience is easy and straight-forward.

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Why choose Hornet Import & Export Group?

Since 2005 Hornet Import & Export Group has been streamlining the importing process for Australian companies.

Our import and export experience ensures that the manufacturing process is efficient and fast without substituting quality.

You can be assured that the factories we use and the products you receive are extensively checked and aligned with Australian standards, this means you can be confident that the products you order are exactly what you want.

Our import & export services include: