product-sourcing-factory-shotCut costs, maintain quality

Are you sourcing wholesale goods for resale, components for your production line, packaging or promotional items?  Whatever you’re looking for, you want the best combination of quality and price. Hornet Group are product sourcing specialists who achieve this for our clients.  We’ve sourced all kinds of goods  and our project managers are experienced across a range of sectors.  If you want something we haven’t done yet, we’d love the challenge!

Product sourcing from China and beyond

As a rule, manufacturing offshore costs less than in Australia.  Goods are cheaper, but you need to consider some key points when you source offshore.

Quality Control

How will you select a factory in the first place?  How will you monitor quality as your business progresses?  Visiting factories in Asia involves expensive travel and possibly interpreters – which can cut into cost savings. Hornet has established offices in China, with our own local staff.  Our clients benefit from a presence on the ground, without spending time and money on travel.

Minimum Quantities

Any factory, whether in Australia or offshore, sells goods wholesale, so will set minimum order quantities dependent on a range of factors.  If you source offshore, you should also check whether transportation is cost-effective at your desired volumes.  It’s a question of product size, weight and quantity, your preferred shipment method and your business deadlines. Unless you need custom manufacturing, product sourcing via a wholesaler can overcome minimum order issues.  If you want lower volumes of many different products, a purchasing tour may be the best solution.

Supply Chain Issues

There’s obviously a longer lead-time when goods are sourced overseas. Transportation costs need to be considered too.  With years of experience importing from China, Hornet can advise on likely costs and lead-times as well as manage your shipments.