Do you need help importing from China?


No matter what size your company, the Hornet Import & Export Group are here to help you manufacture and import goods from China.

Please find below a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the product sourcing, manufacturing and import process.

I want to import but I don’t know where to start.

We will guide you through the complete manufacturing and importing process. We source the product manufacturer for you, provide samples and freight the product to your door. You benefit from the cost advantage of importing goods directly from China, without the hassle of the importing process itself.

Do I have to fill in a lot of paperwork?

Hornet Import & Export Group takes care of all the paperwork for you. We can deal with the factories, freight companies and customs on your behalf saving you time.

What about quality – how do you guarantee this with imported products?

Based in China, our dedicated Project Managers monitor the manufacturing process and inspect your finished products before they leave China.  We report to you on the product quality so you don’t get any nasty surprises when your goods arrive.

How do you negotiate the best price?

Our China office is staffed by local experts who know the Asian market intimately. Due to accessible market comparisons, we can negotiate a better price than those from overseas. Many overseas buyers simply do not have the experience or knowledge of the local market.

How do I know you aren’t charging a lot on top?

Hornet Import & Export Group provide a transparent fee and pricing structure upfront and provide you with a cost per item.

I don’t understand freighting or insurance?

Hornet Import & Export Group can take care of this for you. We have negotiated exceptionally competitive rates with international freight companies, customs and insurance brokers.

How long does it take for my goods to arrive?

This depends on the type of product, quantity ordered and freight used. You’ll be provided with a complete timeline so you know where your product is and when to expect your shipment.

How do you update me on where my shipment is?

Hornet Import & Export Group has the facility to track your shipment at every point in the process. We’ll be able to tell you your goods’ exact location from the port, on the water, in the air or on the street.

Can you get samples and quotes from different manufacturers?

Of course, we will supply you with as many samples and manufacturing quotes as you wish.

Isn’t importing regulated? Do I need some sort of special import license?

Some products may require Australian approvals and licenses. Our licensed customs officer will be able to supply all the information you require.

What restrictions are there on importing goods from China?

Because we import so many different products, we have a good idea what the issues are – and when we don’t know, we know how to find out.  We will provide you with any information relevant to importation restrictions. Depending on your particular product or industry, there may be quarantine requirements or customs regulations.

But you don’t know anything about my industry?

Hornet Import & Export Group have sourced goods from shop fittings to jewellery, from fabrics to agricultural motorbikes.  Our experience spans all industries, our focus is the business processes required for successful import into Australia. We employ a team of specialists with experience in quality assurance, production, freight, customs and logistics and who specialise in a number of product categories. We act as your business partner, enabling you to focus on your core business while we take care of the overseas manufacturing and importing.