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International Logistics Management

Reliability, efficiency and cost effectiveness are critical when importing goods from another country. At Hornet Group, we apply these principles to each and every logistics and warehousing project we manage.

We have strategic alliances with worldwide logistics and freight companies, ensuring that your product moves smoothly and efficiently out of China. Additionally, our team on the ground in China provides hands-on management for your project.

Reliable, efficient and cost effective logistics management reduces your expenses and helps maximise your profits.

Shipping from China

As China specialists, we ship from all major Chinese ports, including Shanghai, Ningbo, HongKong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Qingdao. We also handle sea freight from Korea and Taiwan.

We also handle large volumes of import from China by air.  Small, light items may be shipped entirely by air, or you may want rapid import of a part-order to satisfy immediate demand.

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Warehousing in China for distribution to Asia or worldwide

We provide secure warehousing in Guangdong Province, close to the busy ports of Guangzhou and Shenzhen. This proximity ensures efficient stock transport, quickly and easily. 

Secure warehousing also enables you to store larger quantities of stock, which in turn lowers your cost per unit. It’s a smart option for many savvy importers, as warehousing in China is more cost effective when compared to Australia or the USA.

Additionally, Hornet undertakes global distribution from our own China based warehouse, providing you with substantial freight and storage cost savings.

Local Warehousing and Fulfilment in Australia

Hornet is also able to  offer local Australian warehousing, pick and pack, fulfillment and distribution services.

If your business offers an online shopping cart service, we can look after the pick and pack of these orders, ensuring your customer orders are received on time, in full and in the most cost effective manner.

Alternatively, if you have a large fulfillment project then we can assist to ensure the packing and your logistics are handled smoothly and efficiently.