Case Studies

We wish we could show you all the fabulous products Hornet Group have sourced from China, but we can’t.  Many of our clients don’t want to advertise the fact that they are sourcing from China.  Others consider us their ‘secret weapon’ giving them an advantage over the competition.  And we respect clients’ requests for confidentiality.

Our thanks to the clients who have agreed to share their experiences: Taylors Wines, AGSMDrops & Props, NSWBC and ABCS.

We’ve compiled some photos on this page to support our case studies and give you more idea of the scope of what we do.  You can also check out this blog post which gives a better outline of our business If you’re interested in a particular sector and you can’t find any representative product here, give us a call and ask us.  Chances are we can help!

agricultural-bike   fabric-from-china   custom-electronic-parts-from-china   hair-cips-from-china

industrial-goods-plastics   glassware-from-china   wheels-and-hosereel-sourced-from-china vegetable-washer