China Factory Selection, Audit and Quality Control

Quality product comes from quality factories

At Hornet, we know that importing from China must not reduce your quality standards.  That’s why we pay attention to quality right from the start – when selecting a supplier.

China Factory Selection and Audit

Hornet’s supplier selection process takes the guess work out of choosing a China factory to manufacture your product.

Potential suppliers are assessed based on their product expertise, their size and their responsiveness.  For promising candidates, our team performs legal registration and licensing checks. Claims of certification are investigated further if required.

A factory audit is required before any final decision is made.  This allows ‘on the ground’ verification of  production capabilities and processes.

When working with Hornet, you can have peace of mind that the contract with your China factory is legally binding, and that the factory is capable of delivering as required.

Additionally, the audit information will provide a foundation for effective supplier communication on an ongoing basis.

Hornet offers a range of additional factory audit services if required.  This includes social audit and environmental audit.  Factories can be assessed for their management and industrial practices.  You can relax in the knowledge that your claims regarding your product are correct.

Quality Control During the Manufacturing Process

The China factory may not understand what your key quality criteria are, especially with a product new to them.  Which measurement is important?  How much tolerance is acceptable?  Clear communication is essential for quality control.  Samples are a vital step to identify any areas of confusion before  mass production.

Hornet Import and Export Group will supervise the manufacturing process from start to finish, working closely with the factory to ensure specifications are met.

Hornet conduct a pre-shipment inspection of finished product on your behalf and provide you with a quality report.  The China factory knows this inspection will take place and that they will not receive final payment unless the quality standard is met.  They work to keep standards high because of this knowledge.

Occasionally, stock is not up to standard.  Your bargaining power is enhanced because you have not paid the full amount. We can negotiate with the factory for you, to reduce prices, rework or  remanufacture as required.  Once your products are paid for and shipped it can be quite difficult to negotiate with manufacturers.

In short, Hornet act as your eyes on the ground, giving you all the information you need to make decisions about your project.