alpha-turtle-inflatedOne of the fantastic things about working at Hornet is the wide variety of things we source, and the range of different companies and people we talk to.

Every so often something comes along which is unusual even by our standards.  The Alpha Turtle is one of those projects.

This 5 metre high, 15 metre long turtle will be floating in Cockle Bay from 12 August to 11 September, to promote Sydney’s first ever Underwater Art Exhibition.  Seven artworks by BJ Price will be displayed in the underwater display tanks of SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium.

BJ is ‘an abstract expressionist artist and underwater explorer’, who lives in Queensland and frequently dives around the Great Barrier Reef.  His art is inspired by this magnificent marine world.  He is committed to helping protect the Reef, which he calls ‘the largest, most complex living thing on this Earth’.  10% of proceeds from the Exhibition will go to the SEA LIFE Trust, a not for profit which campaigns on marine conservation and related issues.

Alpha Turtle (Alphie) is named after BJ’s black and white artwork ‘Alpha’ – which has been reproduced on the turtle’s body.  Sourcing the turtle was a fun project for Hornet, but not without challenges!  We had to source a factory which could create a one-off custom turtle.  We needed precise material specifications.  The skin needed to be waterproof, light enough to stay inflated and strong enough to resist punctures.  Finally, we had to ensure accurate reproduction of an original artwork, while translating from a flat canvas to a 3D surface.  In every way, the Alpha Turtle is an artwork himself!

So if you’re in Sydney during August and September, take a stroll along the Cockle Bay foreshore and look out for Alphie.  You can also visit SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium to take in the underwater exhibition.  Limited edition metal prints are available from GalleryV.

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