chinese-new-year-2015-goatThe Spring Festival or Chinese New Year is the biggest holiday in the calendar in China.  There are only three official public holidays, but the New Year celebrations last for a month or more.

The date of Chinese New Year is calculated according to the lunar calendar, like Easter in the West.  So it is different every year.  In this Year of the Wood Goat, chuyi or New Year’s Day falls on Thursday 19 February 2015.

For many Chinese workers, it’s the only chance they have to visit their family home, which may be hundreds or even thousands of kilometres away.  Businesses recognise this, and most workplaces close for an extended period.  This is similar to Christmas and New Year in Australia – although there are only three public holidays, many businesses close for one to three weeks.

The Hornet China Offices will be closed from Saturday 14 February to Wednesday 4 March inclusive.

Our China team are working to get as many projects as possible completed and shipped before the Chinese New Year break.  Manufacturers and other suppliers are doing the same.  Exact closure dates vary from factory to factory, with many businesses closing for 4 weeks or even more.  It’s a challenging time for project management.

Project Managers in the Hornet Australia office can advise you of the latest status for your project, but please be aware that when suppliers are closed, there is little we can do to speed up orders.


The New Year is also a time for predictions. Find out what the experts predict for China in this post.

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