Established 20 years ago, China Textile City has grown to become the world’s largest textile distribution centre. Situated in Keqiao, 3-4 hours from Shanghai, China Textile City has attracted the attention of  many economists. Boasting an incredible 14,000 points of sale in the first 6 months of the year, China Textile City continues to expand with its 14 subsidiary firms reporting a combined revenue of one billion yuan last year.

China Textile City has evolved from a trading company to incorporate a manufacturing centre in 2008 as well as a textile testing lab that is the largest in Zhejiang. With plans of employing top designers from Australia to promote the company on an international level, China Textile City’s next project is to develop its online textile city.

Currently, over 220 foreign textile companies have branches and representative offices in China Textile City  and more than 100 local companies have foreign sales networks. These figures are set to increase with the biannual China Keqiao International Textile Expo bringing in thousands of local and foreign suppliers. For more information on China Textile City or importing, contact us on 02 9653 9127 or

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