Product sourcing and import experience backed by reliability & attention to detail

With years of experience importing from China, Hornet Group Managing Director, Daren Horvat, knows first-hand how time consuming and complicated product sourcing, manufacturing and importing can be.

Daren identified 4 main obstacles in the process:

  • Communication barriers with local factories and logistics companies
  • The length of time the manufacturing process took
  • Trusting sometimes unethical factories to produce what they promised
  • Chinese factories and agents had a different perception of quality.

He established Hornet Group to help Australian companies overcome these obstacles and realise the benefits of sourcing from China.

Providing Hands-on Sourcing and Importing Solutions

Since 2005 Hornet Import & Export Group has been streamlining the product sourcing and importing process for Australian companies.

With offices in China and Australia, our English speaking teams make the communication process seamless. These China offices are fully owned by Hornet Import & Export Group and work exclusively for our clients.

Our product sourcing, factory audit, quality control and import-export experience ensures that the manufacturing process is efficient and fast without sacrificing quality.

You can be assured that the factories we use and the products you receive are extensively checked and aligned with Australian standards.

Services include: